My name is George and I am a Web and Mobile developer with a passion for new technologies and software engineering. I currently work full-time as a Senior Back-End Developer for customedialabs being a member of a great development team that is creating a multidimensional approach, real-time, big data, Brand Engagement Platform. Also, I work as a freelancer developer for more than 5 years developing fully customizable Web Applications, Websites and Mobile Applications.

I graduated from the Technological Institute of Thessaly, Larissa Greece, with a BA in Computer Science and Telecommunications in September 2011. My primary interests are in the applications of computer science, writing useful and effective software, and solving difficult problems that require creative solutions.

You can find out more about me on my curriculum vitae or exploring some of my personal projects at my portfolio.

Free Software

is the philosophy I believe, and as a member of LinuxTeam TEI of Thessaly for more than 9 years, promoting and contributing to OpenSource projects is what I love doing.


is the platform that powers all of my devices. It's also my favorite platform when I develop mobile applications. You can find all my published applications at the Google Play store or my Portfolio.

Zend Framework

is the PHP framework I use in my full time job for more than 4 years. It's the secret incredient that makes customedialabs' Brand Engagement Platform such powerful and customizable.

New Technologies

are my passion. I really enjoy learning new things, discovering and using powerful tools, trying and adapting cutting-edge technologies that can improve my development.


  • PrestAndroid, an Android application

    PrestAndroid is an Android application that lets you browse the products of an e-shop developed with Prestashop.

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  • LeleDroid, an Android application

    LeleDroid is an Android application that counts down the remaining military days in a funny way.

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  • Giortes, a cross platform application

    Giortes is a cross platform application that shows the Greek name day celebrations.

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  • Dionysos, an Android application

    Dionysos is an Android application that parses and display data from the university grades website.

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  • Various tools

    Various tools and widgets developed while I was studding.

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  • More projects coming soon...