is the practical part of my thesis, a cross-platform application written in C and using the GTK+ toolkit.

The main aspect of the thesis was to introduce the most common ways of developing and distributing a free software project, taking care of all the important steps like cross-compile, localization, installers and packages generation etc.

Main features of the application :

  • Displays all greek name-day celebrations according the Greek Orthodox Calendar
  • Displays user-defined reminders
  • Displays international days celebrations
  • Displays all years' days off
  • Calculates the Easter Sunday of each year
  • Search according a date or a name

Technologies used

  • C (Application source code)
  • GTK+ (Application GUI)
  • gcc (Compiler)
  • Autoconf (Configure-scripts generator)
  • Automake (Compiler options generator)
  • Gettext (Internationalization and localization system)
  • MinGW + MSYS (Microsoft Windows compile)
  • Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (Microsoft Windows installer)
  • Debian packaging tools (Create deb package)


Download thesis documentation: odt (1.5M), pdf (1.6M)

Download thesis presentation: odt (1.5M), pdf (1.6M)

All documents are licensed under Creative Commons License